42 Seat Trackless Train for Sale In Australia

42 seat large trackless train for sale for Australia is a popular amusement rides of train without track, which can be divided into a car, two cars, each car can take 20 people, plus the cab, take 42 people in total. After riding, of course, it can also be increased or decreased according to the customer’s needs. Want to buy new trackless train with large size for your amusement park in Australia? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement for details!

Beston 42 Seat Trackless Train for Australia
BNBT-42A Beston 42 Seat Trackless Train

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New 42 Seat Large Trackless Train
BNBT-42B New 42 Seat Large Trackless Train

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The trackless train power is a pure electric or diesel engine, driven by the built-in battery, the car can be fully enclosed, semi-closed and fully open, the tire is complete according to customer needs. Automotive tire standards. You can travel along the cement road of the scenic spot, asphalt road, full-time battery life is 100-150 kilometers.

Materials of Beston 42 Seat Trackless Train for Australia

The 42 seat large trackless train is the structure with special steel. The outside of this types of train is decorated with FRP as decoration. It has a strong stability and environmental protection effect, and the color of FRP shape and external painting can be modified according to customer needs. , Has a good environmental effect and long-lasting characteristics. The whole electric vehicle is equipped with different lights, the overall effect is very good, especially at night, the lighting effect can also be modified according to customer requirements. However, the whole vehicle is driven by pure electric, so the climbing capacity has certain limits, and the road slope of driving has a certain limit, and due to the length of the vehicle, the turn radius is also limited.

Red Large Trackless Train With 42 Seat
BNBT-42C Red Large Trackless Train With 42 Seat

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Large 42 Seat Trackless Train for Australia
BNBT-42D Large 42 Seat Trackless Train

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Technical Parameters of Beston 42 Seat Trackless Train

Size of Locomotive4200*2200*2500mm
Size of the Train4150*1900*2500mm
Max Speed20 km/h
Power96kw/3600rpm or 130kw3400rpm
PaintThe whole train adopts car special paint, computer paint mixing and professional paint baking process
ColorColor can be customized
Large Trackless Train for Australia
BNBT-42E Large Trackless Train

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Beston 42 Seat Trackless Train for Australia
BNBT-42F Beston 42 Seat Trackless Train

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The production of large-scale trackless trains belongs to large sightseeing trains, factory direct sales, price concessions; compared with the number of people ride more than the railway train; uses battery or fuel engine as power, powerful power; Get rid of traditional rail trains It is necessary to rely on the restriction of track operation, and the operation is more convenient and more flexible, suitable for special vehicles in the park and scenic spots, and it also has an important leisure function while carrying passenger functions. Equipped with bells and smoking functions, more distracting images. Equipped with emergency start and stop, lock and import-level traction device, safe driving. Original car interior seat, PU leather material, soft hand, strong and tough. Careful design control platform, instrument panel display power; lighting, warning lights and body large number of LED lights, night driving can both make the vehicle look more colorful; equipped with audio and megaphone, plug-in U disk or card reader For leisure and outdoor propaganda use.

Charismatics of Beston Trackless Train Rides

42 person trackless train, as a ride train amusement equipment, with a number of rides, strong endurance, such products are a good choice for many customers, the price is higher than other equivalent products, but things have Value, and the upper seat rate is particularly high, it can be quickly recovered, after all, if you walk, if you walk, you will take a long time, and it is very tired. If you buy this device, you can solve such problems. An unpleasant play equipment. If you consult more related questions, please contact us, Beston Amusement will serve you wholeheartedly.

Reasons Why Large Trackless Train Popular In the Amusement Park

For large trackless trains for Australia, the railway is a valid tool to improve the accessibility of all attractions, which can effectively cooperate with other means of transportation, effective organizational traffic systems, and achieve seamless docking between attractions.

Applications of Beston 42 Seat Trackless Train

42 people diesel and battery-type train can be widely used in shopping malls or large shopping centers, different tour districts, pedestrian streets, parks, playgrounds, community parks, Zoo Mother and Children’s Outdoor Amusement, Amusement Park, Theme Parks and other places. With strong fluidity, bright color, stylish, tourist super favorites, power drive adopts motor shift drive, get a large output ratio, drive equipment stable work, the brake system adopts fast drum design, effective brakes. Want to buy a new 42 seat trackless train for your business in Australia? Send Beston Amusement your inquiry now!

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