9d VR Simulator for Sale In Australia

9d vr simulator for sale in Australia you can buy from Beston Amusement. 9D VR simulator also called 9d virtual reality, it is a kind of new VR games which is suitable for kids and adults. It is popular used in shopping malls, supermarket and many other places. Want to do business with 9D VR simulator and want to know its price? Contact Beston for price list now!

9d VR Simulator Rides from Beston
9d VR Simulator Rides

Technical Parameters

Size: L210cm*W110cm*H200cm
Voltage: 220V
Power: 4KW
Weight: 300KG

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Advantages of Beston 9D VR Rides

  • 9D VR Rides 360° panoramic view virtual helmet let you feel delighted in a brand new world.
  • Head tracking matched with 60HZ frames has 125°bionic view angle. No matter which direction you turn to on the VR rides, the HD image is updated simultaneously.
  • DE cinema interactive gun of 9d simulator offers you endless stimulation by let your body free to move in the cinema rides.
  • Beston 9D simulators for sale have fashion design, top technology and professional massive movies, which would attract viewers’ attention both appearance and inside.
  • One of the advantages of VR is that it has higher uniqueness. Compared with traditional video content, it has a 360-degree panoramic picture. The user, the protagonist, can immerse himself and feel the atmosphere and atmosphere through sound and comprehensive influence. The sense of space, the sense of distance will be more hierarchical.
Two Seat 9D VR Rides
Two Seat 9D VR Rides

Technical Parameters

Size: L220cm*W113cm*H210cm
Voltage: 220V
Power: 4KW
Weight: 320KG

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Why You Need to Invest the 9D VR for Your Business

Nowadays, it is a very smart decision on investing in 9D virtual reality simulators in the supermaket and many other places. The following information will show you the reasons:

Widely Application. The 9D virtual reality simulator is often to see in supermarket, shopping mall, plaza, park, children’ s amusement park, video game city, etc. These places have huge flow of people who may be interested in 9D VR cinemas and take part in this amazing experience. Further, 9d simulators can work both indoor and outdoor. So VR cinema 9d is protected from the weather.

Occupy Small Area. As mentioned in this article, Beston manufactures one single seat 9d vr cinemas, double seat 9d vr cinemas, three and six seats 9d VR cinemas. Therefore, the minimum space for a 9d cinema equipment only need 8㎡. This will save you many rental expenses on sites.

Less Investment and Quick Reward. In general, you don’t need to decorate 9D VR places delicately. And the 9D virtual reality cinemas can be put into use at once you get them. What’s more, you could get rich reward in the first month. It is sure that investing in 9d cinema is a kind of project which is rise-free but high profits.

Update Movies Every Month. This factor is the key guarantee of sustainable profits. As we know, many new movies are released every month which attract many players who can’t wait to feel the 9D VR experience. Because 9D action cinemas bring the viewers the latest technology in dynamic, multi dimensional movie entertainment. Through experiencing 9D VR cinema simulator, they will feel like in the real world which will make they feel excited and comfortable at the same time.

Main components of Beston 9D VR cinemas

  • Interactive cabin
  • Interactive VR simulator
  • 360°virtual reality glasses
  • Tablet PC control system
  • Console
  • Wind effect
  • Sound system
  • Joystick
  • Hdmi port

Choose New 9D VR Simulators for Sale for Australia

If you want to buy new 9D VR simulators for your business, welcome to choose Beston Amusement. We have different types of VR eggs seats in stock. Different types of new VR simulators with cheap price. Our 9D VR rides has been exported to many countries, Nigeria, Pakistan, India and etc. Want to buy some new for Australia? Contact us for price list!

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