Amusement Trains for Sale In Australia

Amusement trains for sale, popular amusement rides for kids from Beston Amusement. There are many different types of new amusement train rides in our factory. For example, amusement trackless trains, amusement track train rides and many other amusement trains for different applications. Which types of amusement trains are you looking for your business in Australia? Send Beston Amusement your inquiry now!

Amusement Trackless Train
BNBT-01 Amusement Trackless Train

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Large Amusement Trackless Train
BNBT-02 Large Amusement Trackless Train

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Two Main Different Types of Amusement Trains from Beston

Amusement trains from Beston Amusement has two different types, one is trackless train and the other one is track train. We have many different models for these two different types of amusement trains. Now let’s learn more.

  • Amusement Trackless Trains

The distinctive feature of trackless trains is that such trains have no tracks, and there are wheels to walk on the front and under the carriages. The configuration of the locomotive is the same as that of a normal electric vehicle, and the power supply method is also battery power. When a trackless train is operating, a driver is required. Whether in a park or in a scenic area, there will be a driver taking everyone to ride. There are many uses for trackless trains. It can be placed in the scenic area for amusement and sightseeing. Put it in the park for children to play together. Putting it on the farmhouse can attract more diners to eat. Whether it is for business or advertising, the trackless train is a suitable amusement device with a large number of passengers and fun to play.

Amusement Trackless Train Rides
BNBT-03 Amusement Trackless Train Rides

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Beston Amusement Trackless Train for Australia
BNBT-04 Beston Amusement Trackless Train

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  • Amusement Track Trains

Children’s amusement track trains are commonly found in playgrounds, squares and other amusement equipment gathering places. They are relatively small in size and have a track radius of only a few meters or more than ten meters. They are mainly used for children to play.

Amusement Train for Australia
BNBT-05 Amusement Train

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Amusement Trackless Train from Beston
BNBT-06 Amusement Trackless Train

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Difference Between Amusement Trackless Trains and Track Trains

At present, there are mainly two forms of sightseeing trains that are used in scenic transportation operations. One is a trackless train that does not need to lay a specific track, and the other is a tracked train that requires a specific track. what differences are there? Let’s introduce it to you in detail below. Regarding the difference between a small track train and a small trackless train, we can discuss from the following aspects:

Track Train Rides for Amusement Park
BNBT-07 Track Train Rides

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Amusement Track Train for Australia
BNBT-08 Amusement Track Train

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On the running road: Trackless trains do not need to be laid with tracks, and tracked trains need to be laid with tracks.
In terms of equipment category: small trackless trains are dedicated motor vehicles in the field (factory), and small tracked trains are small trains in large amusement facilities.

In the place of use: the trackless train does not need to be used in a fixed place, and the tracked train needs to be used in a fixed place where the track is laid;
In terms of the appearance of the equipment: the trackless train is only similar in appearance. The trackless train and the traditional train are not only more similar in appearance, but also in some functions.

Of course, the difference between a trackless train and a track train is not only the points introduced above, but whether it is a trackless train or a trackless train, the purpose is to better serve the tourists, and the scenic spot can be implemented in its own way. Actual needs to choose the type of sightseeing train.

More Information About Beston Amusement Trains

The amusement train is a new type of amusement equipment produced by Beston Amusement Equipment Factory. They all have novel styles and dazzling colors. They are deeply loved by children of all ages. In addition, in order to increase the sense of novelty, the front part of some amusement trains from Beston is equipped with a smoker, after a short period of charging , It can spray out white smoke, like a steam train. The power part is driven by 5 12V150A batteries. The operation is simple and no emissions. It is the first choice for customers’ large, medium and small scenic spots and squares. Where will you want to use the amusement train? Which types of amusement train will you need? Amusement trackless train or amusement track train? Contact us for details now!

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