Battery Bumper Cars for Sale In Australia

Planning to buy new battery bumper cars for sale in Australia? Here in Beston Amusement, you will find different types of battery bumper car rides that is suitable for kids. Battery bumper car rides belongs to the latest variety of bumper car amusement equipment. Its production is mainly due to the development of battery technology and the rise of new energy technology. It can travel 160km on a single charge, which can fully guarantee the operation of the vehicle for a day. It not only has low energy consumption, but is also safer, and completely solves the problem of ignition at the contact points of the skynet and ground net bumper cars. Contact us for price list of these bumper cars now!

Battery Bumper Cars for Sale In Australia
BNBC-A Battery Bumper Cars

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New Battery Bumper Cars
BNBC-B New Battery Bumper Cars

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Features of Beston Battery Bumper Cars for Australia

  • It has no requirements for the business site, only the ground is smooth, and no professional ground is required, which also greatly reduces the investment cost.
  • It is a kind of equipment suitable for all ages, with low investment, low energy consumption and high income. It is a “gold-absorbing” weapon. If you are entering the amusement equipment industry for the first time, this type of equipment must be indispensable.
  • Our battery bumper cars for Australia market have complete shapes and appearances. There are traditional appearances and various self-developed themed bumper cars. They can also be designed and customized according to customer needs to meet customer needs.
  • The glass fiber reinforced plastic of our bumper car adopts double-layer glass fiber reinforced plastic manufacturing process, the structure is stronger, and the professional polishing workers are used to make it smoother to the touch. The car paint and car painting technology are adopted, which looks highly emulated, bright in color, and durable.

Battery Bumper Cars
BNBC-C Battery Bumper Cars

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Inflatable Battery Bumper Cars
BNBC-D Inflatable Battery Bumper Cars

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More Info About Battery Bumper Cars

The battery bumper car is another mobile game facility developed after the ground network bumper car. Operating equipment only needs battery bumper cars and any level ground. The battery bumper cars can be used for 6-8 hours at a time and can run on concrete ground. Compared with the ground grid bumper cars, they need to be on the ceiling or indoors. The car and the floor can be combined to operate. The battery bumper cars has the characteristics of small investment, flexible site and strong mobility.

Battery Bumper Cars from Beston
BNBC-E Battery Bumper Cars

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New Battery Bumper Cars for Australia
BNBC-F New Battery Bumper Cars

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The battery bumper car can be used for two people and is protected by seat belts. The bumper car shell is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, exquisite and beautiful. Bumper cars rely on super-thick tires to collide, wear-resistant and resistant to collisions, the car has an acceleration pedal switch, and the 360-degree steering wheel can be flexibly controlled. There are walking switches and music switches at the rear of the bumper cars, and the remote control can also be used. There are lights flashing at night, which is fun and exciting.

According to the analysis of the use performance, safety, convenience, speed and other factors of bumper cars, bumper cars can be divided into: ground-net bumper cars, battery bumper cars, and of these two classification products, of course, the battery bumper cars have the largest use range and usage amount. of. Although the battery bumper car is a high-end product in the bumper car industry, in the same category of battery bumper cars, bumper car bodies of different quality levels are divided according to their motor performance: generally, they are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic.

Applications of Beston Battery Bumper Car Rides for Australia

As a new type of bumper cars, battery bumper cars have novel styles and lifelike shapes. They are very popular among investors and consumers after being put on the market. From game rules to structural design, our company’s battery bumper cars are developed by the company’s team. They are self-produced and sold directly from the factory. The quality and cost-effectiveness are higher. The bumper cars are complete in models, including cream yellow, pink, lemon yellow, medium chrome yellow, orange, A variety of colors such as red, white, etc. are available, and there are more than 20 cartoon shapes that can be changed at will. They are widely used in various playgrounds, parks, shopping malls and other playgrounds. Choose your new bumper cars from Beston Group Now!

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