Bungee Trampoline for Sale In Australia

Children’s bungee trampoline for sale in Australia is also called children’s bungee jumping, flying bungee jumping, bouncing bungee jumping. Children aged 2-5 years old can use one elastic rope on each side. Children aged 5-10 years old can use two elastic rope each.  So the number of bungee cords used is adjusted according to the weight of the playercan be divided into single trampoline, double trampoline, four-person trampoline, six-person rotary bungee jumping, etc. In Beston Amusement Equipment, we only provide 4 in 1 bungee trampoline for sale.

4 Person Bungee Trampoline for Sale
BNBT-4A 4 Person Bungee Trampoline

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Beston Bungee Trampoline
BNBT-4B Beston Bungee Trampoline

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Beston Amusement can customize various amusement equipment except for 4 person bungee trampoline according to customer requirements, and can also conduct overall design and planning for customers according to the customer’s actual site. Customers only need to provide pictures, videos, drawings, or site area to get a one-stop solution .

Popular 4 in 1 Bungee Trampoline for Sale

The emergence of the luxury flying four-person bungee trampoline has changed this situation. It is a new outdoor amusement equipment based on the improvement of the old bungee trampoline. The four-person bungee can be played by all children. Children can not only exercise while bouncing while spinning, but they can also compete with children to increase their awareness of competition. The four-person bungee jumping trampoline for sale is another innovation of bungee trampoline amusement equipment. Generally, four people bungee jumping trampoline occupies an area of ​​7 meters, and the height is about 4 meters, and 6 people can ride at the same time. Four people bungee jumping is suitable for shopping malls or squares. Welcome to buy new bungee trampoline ride from Beston Amusement.

New Bungee Trampoline
BNBT-4C New Bungee Trampoline

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Bungee Trampoline for Sale
BNBT-4D Bungee Trampoline

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Product Description

The bungee jumping trampoline uses a trampoline, a pair of bungee cords and poles to allow you to jump up and down and make various flipping movements at a height of 6 meters. How comfortable it is. It allows you to increase your own coordination in the air, so that the joints and muscles are subject to unique tension, which is both fitness and fun. Bungee jumping is a competitive sport that can express acrobatic skills. It belongs to a kind of gymnastics and is called “air ballet”. It is one of the amusement equipment that improves people’s comprehensive quality. It can not only exercise fitness, but also exercise courage.

Children’s bungee trampoline is a small amusement ride. It uses a trampoline, a pair of bungee cords and poles to allow you to jump up and down in the air at a height of 4 meters and make various flipping movements. The air increases its own coordination, so that the joints and muscles are subject to unique tension, which is both fitness and fun.

Children’s steel frame bungee trampoline is everywhere in our modern life. You can see it in parks, squares, communities, streets, and scenic spots. Now every child is a baby at home. Parents will bring them to the park during weekend breaks. When playing inside, when children are playing steel-frame bungee jumping, safety is *important. The quality of the safety ropes of steel-frame bungee jumping is very important. There are 6 safety ropes in a steel-frame bungee for children, and any one of them has problems during operation. There will be no security issues.

Operating Advice of Beston Bungee Trampoline

When operating children’s steel frame bungee trampoline in Australia, the operator should check the bungee rope of the children’s steel frame bungee every day when assembling it to see if there is any problem and whether it needs to be replaced. If it needs to be replaced, please replace it in time to ensure the safety of the children. The steel frame bungee uses a triangular bracket to contact the ground, so that the steel frame bungee is more stable. Its width is 2 meters, the height is 4 meters, and the length is 2 meters. The length of other combined triangular tubes is the longest side of the isosceles triangle. Do you want to build a 4 person bungee trampoline for your business? Welcome to contact us for details now!

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