Carousel for Sale in Australia

Types of carousel for sale from Beston amusement – a large amusement rides manufacturer, double decker carousels, 36 seat carousel, 24, 16, 12 seats carousels, mini carousel for kids with 3, 6, 8, 9 horses, you can buy all of these carousel rides from Beston with cheap factory price for your amusement rides business in Australia.

16 Seat Carousel Rides For Sale Cheap
BNC-16A 16 Seat Carousel Rides

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNC-16A
Diameter: 6 M
Height: 3.5 M
Voltage: 380 V
Power: 3.5 KW
Capacity: 16 persons

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24 Seat Carousel for Australia
BNC-24A 24 Seat Carousel for Australia

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNC-24A
Diameter: φ9.5m*6.7m
Height: 1.4 M
Voltage: 380 V
Power: 16 KW
Capacity: 24 persons

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What is Carousel Rides?

Carousel which is one of the most popular amusement park rides, also called merry go round, roundabout. It is an amusement ride that consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats of passengers. All of these seats are made of fiberglass horses or some carriages. Many of these horses will be moved up and down by gears to simulate galloping. Amusement park carousel rides are commonly populated with horses, but sometimes they will be made up of other animals, giraffe, dog, tiger, zebras and etc. Each of horse or dog, weighing roughly 45kg-150kg. There are small and large horses. Usually mini carousel with 3-6 seats will equipped with some small carousel horses while other large carousel will equipped with large horses that could weighing up to 150-200kg

Classification of Carousel Rides for Amusement Park in Beston Amusement:

As one of the largest carousel amusement rides manufacturer, Beston Amusement has designed and produced different kinds of carousel rides for different customers. Carousel seats can be made up of different animals, horses, ponies, dolphins, seahorses, lion and even tiger. Here is several types of carousel rides in our factory:

  • Mini Carousel Rides for Australia

These carousel rides are small even mini in size, we made different capacity with 3-6 horses. These carousels are suitable for children, they could be placed before stores, shopping malls, family centers, backyards. Because of the small size, they take little space and less money. Mini carousel is a great investment if you are going to start business on kiddie amusement.

  • Normal Carousel Amusement Rides for Australia Parks

Normal carousel are hot sell. It is one of the most popular and traditional rides in the amusement parks. We have 12, 16, 24, 36 seats available. Usually you can customize the appearance whatever you like or choose the carousel model freely before you order.

  • Double Layer Grand Carousel Rides to Australia Amusement Parks

Double layer carousel is one of the grandest rides in the amusement parks. It is large just like ferris wheel and roller coasters. But it is different from ferris wheel and roller coaster rides. It is a spinning rides. Kids and adults could enjoy them together. There are two layers which will enhance the capacity. There are different shape in our factory.

About Beston Amusement Equipment for Australia

As one of the professional carousel rides manufacturer, Beston Amusement offers various types of carousel rides which including grand carousel rides for sale, simple fairground carousels, kiddie mini carousels, indoor and outdoor carousel rides, double decker carousel rides, ocean theme carousel rides. You could buy all of these carousels for your Park in Australia Online from . Welcome to our factory for new amusement rides purchase!

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