Classfications of Beston Amusement Park Rides

As a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston Amusement Group has many different types of new amusement rides for sale in our factory. Our rides is popular used in the amusement parks, funfairs, shopping malls, water parks and etc. Now let’s know more about these rides. Here is the classfications of Beston Amusement Park Rides in Australia.

Classfication of Beston Amusement Park Rides In Australia
BHJ-GHC02 Classfication of Beston Amusement Park Rides In Australia

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Beston Amusement Park Rides
BHJ-GHC06 Beston Amusement Park Rides

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  • Thrill rides in the amusement park which including roller coaster rides, swing tower rides, pirate ship rides, slingshot rides and many other big and thrill amusement parks. Which rides will you need to buy for your theme park?
  • Kiddie rides, which is designed for kids to play in the amusement park and shopping mall. In Beston factory, you can find bumper cars, carousel rides, trackless trains, track trains, kiddie robot rides, swing rides, self-control plane rides, samba balloon rides, jellyfish rides and many other amusement park rides for kids. We have more than 30 different types of kiddie rides for sale in our factory, you can also customized from Beston.
  • Water park rides mainly refers to all equipment that can be played on the water. It encompasses a wide range of products and has a large number of products. New products and new patterns are constantly emerging from the amusement equipment factory every year.
  • Spinning Rides. The representative of the spining rides is the carousel amusement equipment. We are very familiar with it. No matter where you go to play, you can see its existence. It can be said that the carousel has witnessed the development of the amusement equipment industry. It is a high-performance amusement device, so even elderly people can rides.
  • Self-control amusement equipment. And the representatives of the self-control category can count the self-control aircraft or plane amusement equipment. Its operating height is no more than two meters, and the interaction of this type of device is also very strong. It is a device that allows parents and children to participate together. There are also many types of self-controlling aircrafts, such as the self-controlling sharks, self-controlling bees, and self-controlling flying sheep produced by our manufacturers.
  • Trackless amusement equipment. The representative of the trackless class is the trackless train. It can now be seen in squares, shopping malls, and scenic spots. It mainly relies on batteries to drive work, so it is a good mobility work. When people are tired of playing, they can choose it as mobility work.

Except for the above rides we methioned, we also have other new amusement rides for sale in our factory. We have inflatables and many other rides for customized. For more information about Beston Rides in Australia, welcome to contact us for price list now!

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