Coin Operated Rides for Sale Australia

Want to buy new coin operated rides for sale in Australia? Here in Beston Amusement you will find different types of new coin operated rides for kids. They can be used in the amusement parks, shopping malls, stores and many other indoor places. When activated by a coin, these rides entertains the little rider with motion, depending on the ride type ( miniature coin operated carousel, track train ride or coin operated robot rides). Most rides include sounds and music, and some feature flashing lights, pedals, and buttons. Want to buy some of these for your business in Australia? Contact us for price now!

The Coin Operated Kiddie Rides Lists from Beston

There are many different models of kiddie rides that can be operated by coins. They are designed and suitable for kids and suitable for different places. Here is a list of coin operated kiddie rides that is available in Beston Amusement. Now let’s know more about these rides.

  • Coin Operated Carousel Kiddie Rides for Australia

Coin operated kiddie carousel rides mainly refers the mini carousel rides with 3 horses, 4 horse and 6 horses. The mini carousel is an indispensable kiddie rides in the playground. The carousel has a beautiful appearance and an elegant electric ride. When the turntable was running, there were 3 horses, 4 horses or 6 horses goes up and down. The glittering colored lights make up a beautiful pattern. When you ride on a horse or in a carriage, it is as if you are running on the field with thousands of horses, so it is popular with tourists. And children are even more lingering and happy.

Coin Operated Kiddie Carousel Rides
BNBC-6B Coin Operated Kiddie Carousel Rides

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Mini Coin Operated Kiddie Carousel
BNBC-3B Mini Coin Operated Kiddie Carousel

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  • Coin Operated Passenger-carrying Robot Rides for Sale

Coin operated robot rides with colorful lights, unique ride style, and irresistible attractiveness become more and more popular among kids. It is  a major breakthrough in the design of children’s playground equipment. The double joystick operation is very simple, passengers can freely and easily control the driving direction, can move forward, backward, rotate in place 360 degrees, and is extremely interesting; it is the latest new type of children’s plaza play facility in the year 2020. The coin operated passengers-carrying robot ride is easy to operate and you can enter the game by swiping your card or insert the coin. The joystick is flexible in operation, simple and convenient, and can be driven in any direction of 360 °. Shocking audio and luxurious seats make customers more comfortable. They are suitable for squares, parks, living areas, tourist areas, resorts, real estate, schools, children’s amusement and other venues.

Coin Operated Kiddie Robot Rides
BNCP-R Coin Operated Kiddie Robot Rides

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Kids Coin Operated Robot Rides
BNCP-2R Kids Coin Operated Robot Rides

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  • Coin Operated Le Bar Car Rides

Le Bar car is also called happy car rides, which can be used by two people and becomes a semi-private space. It is suitable for couples to play. The equipment is flexible in movement, exciting and fun, and convenient to transport. It is very suitable for operating in empty and flat indoors and squares. It has beautiful appearance and beautiful lighting.

Kids Coin Operated Rides for Australia
BNCP-N Kids Coin Operated Rides

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Coin Operated Le Bar Car Rides
BNCP-M Coin Operated Le Bar Car Rides

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  • Coin Operated Bumper Cars and Bumper Boats

Two different types of kiddie rides that is coin operated that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Features of Beston Coin Operated Kiddie Rides

  • Suitable for small kids that is in the age of 1 to 12.
  • Small sizes with cheap prices to invest for your small business.
  • Sweety music, colorful lights which is attractive to kids.
  • Commercial kiddie rides often use simple but colorful equipment, with the driving mechanism usually hidden under vacuum formed plastic covers.

Why You Need to Buy These Coin Operated Kiddie Rides from Beston?

Beston coin operated rides for kids has many different models in stcok and we can also manufacturing and producing other new kiddie rides for different occasions. Our coin operated kiddie rides has been exported to many places. If you want to get prices of these rides. Welcome to contact us for price quotation now!

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