Electric Boat for Sale In Australia

Electric boat for sale in Australia, popular water park rides from Beston Amusement Company. Electric boats are boats that are propelled by electricity. Electricity comes from batteries or marine generators. Some small surface ships or ships use diesel engines or steam turbines to drive generators to generate electricity. Turning propulsion motors to propel boats, electric boats are used for park waters, lakes and reservoirs.  They have some characteristics of simple operation. A family can take their relatives and friends out to play and enjoy leisure time on the park cruise boat. Send your inquiry now to Beston Amusement!

Four Person Electric Boat for Australia
BHL-DDC4F Four Person Electric Boat

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Electric BBQ Boat for Australia
BHL-DDC01 Electric BBQ Boat

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Classification of Electric Boats for Australia

It is understood that an electric boat is a type of ship that uses electric power from a battery or a marine generator to propel water in the water. Classification of electric boats can be classified according to electric propulsion, which can be divided into DC propulsion and AC propulsion. If the electric boat uses DC motor propulsion, the speed of this electric boat can be adjusted in a wide range, and its overload starting and braking torque are large, so this electric boat has excellent reverse running performance. The electric boat propelled by an AC motor has a large output power, and has many excellent features such as simple structure, small size, and low cost. However, it is not easy to adjust the speed compared to a DC propelled electric boat.

8 Seat Electric Powered Boats for Australia
BHL-DDC8A 8 Seat Electric Powered Boats

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10 Seat Electric Boat for Sale
BHL-DDC10A 10 Seat Electric Boat

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Advantages of Electric Boats Than Pedal Boats

In the park, electric boats are relatively easy to see water rides and are popular with tourists. What are the advantages of electric boats? The electric boat has a very high efficiency, but the energy loss is very low. It can be said that it consumes only electric energy, is very environmentally friendly, travels faster than a pedal boat, and is relatively simple to operate. The electric boat has been used for a long time. The motor will not overheat. It can be started frequently. When driving the boat on the water, don’t use too much force. It is very convenient to use. At the same time, during the use of electric boats, the current is very small, but the speed can be adjusted in a relatively large range, which has strong flexibility.

Swan Electric Boats for Australia
BHL-DDC4A Swan Electric Boats

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Electric Powered Boats for Sale
BHL-DDC4E Electric Powered Boats

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Features of Electric Boat Motor System

  • The load characteristics are very good, the low-speed performance is very good, and the starting torque is large, and the current is small. The motor of the electric boat can run efficiently in the entire speed range, and the brush motor, AC frequency conversion motor (only at the rated point) The neighborhood efficiency is high).
  • The electric boat motor is equipped with high-quality dedicated drivers. The module used has high-performance imported power and high-end imported control chips. Industrial-grade components are used, so the motor runs more smoothly, with less heat, low noise, and high efficiency. More reliable performance.
  • Our company specializes in the production of park cruises, pedal boats, electric boats, water bikes, water tricycles, bumper boats, speed boats, rowing boats, etc. Welcome everyone to come and buy!

Advantages of Beston Fiberglass Electric Boats for Australia

  • As the hull is made of new polyethylene material, it has toughness, good resilience and impact resistance, so the polyethylene boat has strong impact resistance and collision resistance, which greatly reduces the labor and material costs for maintenance. It is used under normal conditions. Life span is more than ten years.
  • The hull is manufactured by rotomolding process. The double-layer hull is formed without seams at one time.
  • As the specific gravity of polyethylene material is only about 0.95, it is much lighter than iron and glass fiber reinforced plastic, and even lighter than water. It will always float on the water, so the buoyancy is large, so boats made of polyethylene material are not easy to sink and are safe.
  • The hull itself has light weight, low power consumption, high energy efficiency ratio, low use cost, and the same battery capacity can last longer.
  • The polyethylene material is non-toxic and tasteless, and the hull has no pollution to the waters. During the normal maintenance of the hull, no harmful substances are generated, which avoids itching or allergies during maintenance, and the hull maintenance is simple.
  • It can be recycled and reused after the expiration date is reached, and the scrapped hull will not pollute the environment.

Leading Amusement Park Rides Manufacturer – Beston Amusement

Electric boat is mainly used for sightseeing, leisure, and entertainment on calm waters such as parks, tourist areas, lakes, reservoirs, and water playgrounds. It has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, large buoyancy, corrosion resistance, collision resistance, environmental protection, convenient maintenance, etc. It can be driven by tourists. Beston electric boats has been exported to many different countries, such as, UK, USA, Australia, Nigeria, Philippines, Japan and many other countries. We have 2 seat, 4 seat, 6 seat and even 10 seat electric boats for sale in our factory. Are you looking for new electric boats for your business in Australia? Contact Beston team now!

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