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Go karts for sale for Australia is a project that integrates public leisure and fitness entertainment. There are single and double seat go karts for sale in Beston Amusement. Its entire structure is very simple that compare with the electric bumper cars. It has no car body shell. It consists of a steel tube frame, steering system pedals, fuel tank, and transmission. It is composed of chain guard, driver’s seat and anti-collision bumper, etc., driving on circular and winding roads in specially constructed sports fields. Tourists who like chasing and adventurous walk away on the runway, sweat and enthusiasm wanton, thrilling experience has always been a popular item in parks and playgrounds. Want to buy new go karts for sale for your business in Australia? Welcome to send us your inquiry now!

One Seat Electric Go Karts for Australia
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One Seat Go Karts for Australia
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Category of Beston Go Karts for Australia

We have one seat and two person go karts for sale. The two-person go kart is a ride-on amusement equipment for kids and adults. The overall shape of these go karts is made according to the shapes of various cool racing cars and sports cars, but it is much smaller. Coupled with its gameplay, it is no different from real driving, but you can enjoy the feeling of driving, drifting, and chasing each other on the runway. The riding effect is very good.

 Kids Go Karts for Australia
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 Two Seat Go Karts for Australia
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We have electric go karts for sale. Electric go karts are divided into adult go karts and children’s go karts. Go karts were originally used in car racing events and are a special category in motor sports. It is not only used as a car racing event, but also a popular leisure and fitness entertainment’ s project, go karts become more and more popular just like the bumper cars.

Why Go Karts Become So Popular

Go karts was later converted to amusement equipment and became amusement toys for profit. Adult karts follow the style of kart racing, streamlined body, gasoline engine; speed can be comparable to 120 yards car. Because of its faster speed, the operator’s site requirements are high, and safety protection measures must be in place. Adult karts attract tourists with excitement.

Beston New Go Karts for Australia
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Two Person Go Karts for Sale Australia
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Children’s go karts inherit the appearance advantages of adult karts, using light steel pipe structure, simple operation, no car body shell, and equipped with 12V60A battery, 250 The 4-wheel single-seat miniature racing car of Watt Motor has a low center of gravity and can completely guarantee the safety of children when driving on a tortuous circular route. It is a children’s toy car that subverts the concept of karts. It can be regarded as a hundred flowers among the children’s electric cars.
One Seater Go Karts
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One Seater Go Karts Australia
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Equipment Needed for Playing Go Karts

  • Go Karts Helmet

Helmet needs to be worn. Although there is a guardrail next to the kart, stones or similar things may be splashed during the driving of the kart, which can prevent head safety and protect eyes.

  • Go Kart Uniforms

In all sports related to driving sports, kart uniforms will have the design of car uniforms. Due to the high speed of the movement, the kart uniforms have a certain degree of flame resistance to prevent athletes from being burned. The special material can avoid improper driving. Of injuries.

  • Go Kart Gloves

Kart gloves are necessary equipment for driving sports. Generally, kart racing gloves have a certain degree of functionality, which can effectively prevent sweating of the palms and prevent the steering wheel from being slipped by the hands. It not only protects the safety of the palms, but also Control the direction easily and accurately.

  • Go Karts Shoes

The kart sport project at the beginning did not have professional shoes as equipment; with the development of technology, professional racing shoes were manufactured; this type of shoes usually have soft soles, which can be increased under the guarantee of abrasion resistance. Improve the athlete’s foot sensitivity, can better control the brake and throttle, and ensure safety.

Instructions for Play Go Karts In Australia

The gameplay of go karting is also simple and fun. Riders wear protective helmets and gloves, as long as they keep in mind that the left foot brakes, the right foot throttles, and the steering wheel turns one to one, you can enjoy the fun of racing on the field. Generally speaking, the chassis of the kart is very low, only 4 cm above the ground, and the entire runway is smooth and flat. The speed and speed of the sprint coupled with the roar of the kart allows visitors to experience a different kind of fun than usual. Regarding the safety of the amusement equipment of the kart, once it slides out of the track, the kart will stall and stop moving forward without overturning, thus ensuring the safety of the rider.

Precautions When Playing Go Karts In Australia Funfair

1. After putting on the equipment, get in the car from the left side, step into the left side body with your left foot, and step into the right side body with your right foot. Lean forward while holding the top of the steering wheel with both hands to maintain the center of gravity. Don’t worry about the weight of the kart causing the frame deformation, because its frame is composed of strong steel pipes.

2. After sitting in the seat, straighten your legs into a natural bend, and step on the pedals on both sides. The left foot is the brake pedal, and the right foot is the accelerator pedal. Since the kart is very low, you must be slow when you get into the car. If it is too fast, it may hurt your back. After you sit down, the track staff will help you fasten your seat belt. If you feel that the seat belt is too loose, you can ask the staff to help you fasten it.

3. In fact, the steering of the kart is a one-to-one, and there is no assist, so the best positions for holding the steering wheel are 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock. Remember not to hold another position, because the kart track is short and narrow, and the corners are relatively tight. Holding the steering wheel correctly can avoid understeer.

4. When getting off the car, hold the top of the steering wheel with both hands, pull up your body, and cross the kart with your right leg backwards. Remember, do not touch the engine when getting off the car to avoid burns. There is another point to remind everyone that you must leave the vehicle after the engine is turned off. If you accidentally touch the accelerator when getting off the vehicle, it will be dangerous.

More Information About Beston Go Karts

Go karts is an exciting and attractive sport, and it has become a fashionable outdoor leisure activity in recent years. It can not only seek speed and excitement but also exercise people’s courage, but also put aside worries and unhappiness in the process of leisure and play, and achieve the benefits of reducing stress and relaxing the body and mind. When the mood is depressed or stressed, choosing an outdoor playground kart can help you achieve the purpose of relieving stress and venting emotions. Which types of go karts are you looking for? Contact Beston Amusement for details!

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