Happy Swing Rides for Sale In Australia

Happy swing rides for sale in Australia,  a small amusement equipment that swings back and forth like a swing, and swinging is something that every child loves to do. The years of playing on the swing can always leave people with an indelible childhood memory. Happy swing The design is to awaken people’s innocence from a certain aspect, and to laugh and laugh on the joyful swing play equipment. Want to buy one set for your amusement park or funfair in Australia? Contact Beston Amusement Now!

Kiddie Happy Swing Rides for Sale In Australia
BNHS-12A Kiddie Happy Swing Rides

Technical Parameters

Size: W4.5*D4.5*H3.1m
Running Height: 1.4m
Running Speed: 8r/min
Total Power: 3.5kw
Weight: 2000kg
Cover Area: 6㎡
Capacity: 70kg*12 person

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The happy swing rides that produced by Beston amusement equipment factory can allow more people to swing at the same time. The Chinese have the heart to follow the trend, so it is not difficult to imagine that the happy swing has been launched, which will occupy a large part of the cake of the amusement equipment industry. It is not as exciting as large-scale amusement equipment, and children cannot play, nor is it as naive as small-scale amusement equipment, and young people disdain to play.

Details of Beston Happy Swing Rides for Australia

This equipment can take 12 people, both adults and children. The double-sided seat is upgraded, and the back-to-back design is reasonable and bold. Beston happy swing, happily rushed into the sky together, and regained our childhood joy. The fun swing amusement equipment operates on the same principle as the small pendulum. The fun swing amusement equipment consists of a main support, a hanging device, a cockpit, and an electrical system. The main part of the swing adopts a truss structure, and the seat of the swing is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The cockpit is fixed with a long bar, a pressure bar and a safety belt, which will not allow children to throw it out during the operation of the equipment and ensure the safe riding of tourists.

The main drive of the happy swing ride adopts the driving mode of the slewing bearing driven by the motor, so that when the motor is driven, the swing of the swing can be flexibly tracked to achieve non-uniform rotation. Use the right pendulum of the cylinder to achieve large swing. The happy swing is equipped with a full-featured electrical cabinet and auxiliary appliances to ensure the starting and safe operation of the motor. The electrical cabinet is equipped with a control circuit of the driving device and an electric bell button, which is very simple and safe to use. The braking effect of the happy swing amusement equipment is not so strong. It is a range of swing angles that children can bear. It is a game equipment that can make them laugh.

Happy swing ride is born for young couples, young children can play equipment together, it is a kind of new kiddie rides that is produce by Beston. Applications of Beston Amusement: parks, squares, temple fairs, playgrounds, amusement parks, indoor and outdoor, large communities, commercial venues, resorts, leisure and entertainment centers, exhibition centers, commercial events, villa areas Can be customized according to your own venue. Are you going to buy new happy swing rides for your business? Welcome to contact Beston Group!

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