Miniature Carousel for Sale In Australia

Miniature carousel for sale in Australia market mainly refers to the carousel rides for kids with 3 and 6 seats. They are popular among kids. Miniature carousel rides are popular used in many small business, stores, supermarket and other places. If you want to buy new miniature carousel ride for your business, send us your message now!

Miniature Carousel for Australia
BNBN-01 Miniature Carousel

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Miniature Carousel Rides
BNBC-03 Miniature Carousel Rides

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When you want to buy a miniature carousel ride for your business in Australia, you may confused which type to choose. 3 seat miniature carousel or 6 horse miniature carousel? Here Beston Amusement will offer a list of pictures of different types of miniature carousel rides that is suitable for kids. You can choose whatever you like!

3 Seat Miniature Carousels for Australia

3 horses miniature carousel with novel, bright and stable charastics  become more and more very popular with young children.

Kids Miniature Carousel Rides With 3 Horse
BNBC-02 Kids Miniature Carousel Rides With 3 Horse

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Beston Miniature Carousel Rides for Australia
BNBC-04 Beston Miniature Carousel Rides

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6 Seat Miniature Carousel Rides for Australia

The 6 seat carousel transferred the horse is a luxurious child, and it is a new type of children’s play facilities developed by Beston Amusement. The theme can be customized, the shape is lifelike, and the child is full. With the listening music, the cabin on the miniature carousel ride will be jumped up and down with the carousel and it is very popular with children.

Kids Miniature 6 Horse Carousel
BNBC-6A Kids Miniature 6 Horse Carousel

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Miniature Carousel With 6 Seat
BNBC-6B Miniature Carousel With 6 Seat

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Features of Beston Miniature Carousel Rides

  • Can be customized according to your requirement. Beston miniature carousel can be customized into different themes and different sizes. From 3-9 horses, we will manufacture the perfect one for you.
  • High quality audio sound system for these kids miniature carousels. Each of Beston miniature merry go round carousel have a high quality music sound player. You can play music while the ride is spinning. This function will attract more little passengers to try on this miniature rides.
  • Beston miniature carousel with favored price . Most of Beston miniature carousel are made from fiber reinforced plastic. And the size are small and tiny. So the cost of miniature carousel rides will be lower than large grand carousels. If you are planning to invest some cheap price carousel rides, miniature carousel will be the best choice.
Miniature Carousel Rides for Australia
BNBC-6C Miniature Carousel Rides for Australia

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Grand Miniature Carousel Rides
BNBC-6P Grand Miniature Carousel Rides

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Why Choose Miniature Carousels from Beston

There are many types of children’s amusement equipment, and some of them are small and playable. The small children’s playground has a small area, and it is a good choice to choose small and playable amusement equipment. Mini carousel is one of them. When choosing small amusement equipment, you must pay attention to the playability. Amusement equipment with poor playability can not only save space, but also waste limited space.

Although the mini carousel is small in size, it is a kind of amusement equipment that can provide multiple people to play together. It is a good choice for small children’s playgrounds, which can not only effectively prevent children from competing for toys in the process of playing. Occurrence, but also invisibly increased passenger capacity. Many times, children like to make friends and like to play with everyone. These amusement projects that can be played by multiple people can also create a particularly lively amusement atmosphere, which can inspire children to play more fun.

With adorable and cute appearance, miniature carousel rides from Beston Amusement becomes a popular and famous amusement ride for kids. If you are looking for interesting rides for kids, miniature carousel from Beston Group is your ideal option. We know that most of visitors in the amusement parks are kids, so purchasing some kiddie rides can attract more children to play at your amusement parks. Kids miniature carousel is one of the most famous and popular kiddie rides in theme parks. Buy one set for your business now! Cheap price with small size, really suitable for lots of places.

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