Ocean Theme Trackless Train for Sale In Australia

The ocean theme trackless train adopts children’s favorite marine style, blue dolphins, dream mermaid, and leads the baby into the dream world of the ocean. The happy childhood extends infinitely on the ocean train. The shape of this small train is designed according to the ocean shape, the appearance is beautiful, and the viewing effect is also very good. The vehicle is non-polluting and non-emission. It is very suitable for use in tourist areas, pedestrian streets, parks, playgrounds, and residential areas.

Ocean Theme Trackless Train for Kids
BNOC-14A Ocean Theme Trackless Train for Kids

Ocean Themed Trackless Train Parameters

Specifications: 6m x 8m
Height: 2.3m
Power: 2.5kw
Voltage: 220V
4 cabins, customizable
Crew: 14 people

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How Does a Marine Trackless Train Work?

The marine trackless train connects the channel gauge and the conductive column through the positive and negative poles of the power source respectively. The contact wheels connected to the positive and negative poles of the cabin motor respectively contact the track rail and the conductive column to obtain the power of the power source, and the driving motor runs along the track. According to this principle, we can know that the trackless train is actually divided into three parts: power supply, track and cockpit.

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