Pendulum Rides for Sale In Australia

Pendulum rides for sale in Australia is a large-scale amusement equipment newly listed by Beston Equipment Company. Compared with the traditional large pendulum, the design is more beautiful and atmospheric. At the same time, the function has been greatly improved. Bigger. When riding, people can scream involuntarily. The device has a regular rotation at the same time as the upper swing, so that visitors only feel the irritation and immerse themselves in the entertainment brought by the big pendulum. It is very popular among tourists from the Middle East and India. It is a relatively popular amusement equipment abroad.

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The big pendulum, also known as the big pendulum and meteor hammer, is a new type of amusement equipment popular in the world. The equipment is beautiful in appearance, scientific in structure, and magnificent. The boom swings back and forth with 210 degrees of acceleration, the cockpit rotates 360 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, and the vertical arm reciprocates left and right. It is exciting and fun to run, and it is moderately thrilling and popular with tourists. So how much does it cost to buy such a set of equipment from Beston in Australia?

Structure of Beston Pendulum Rides

The large pendulum equipment is composed of a main support, a hanging device, a pendulum, and an electrical system. The main part of the pendulum adopts a truss structure, and the shell of the pendulum is glass fiber reinforced plastic. The pendulum is equipped with seats and safety pressure bars to ensure the safe riding of tourists. The main drive of the pendulum adopts the driving mode of the slewing bearing driven by the motor, so that when the motor is driven, it can flexibly track the swing of the pendulum and realize non-uniform speed rotation. Use the right pendulum of the cylinder to achieve large swing.

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The pendulum Rides for Australia market is equipped with a full-featured electrical cabinet and auxiliary electrical appliances, which can ensure the starting and safe operation of the motor. The electrical cabinet is equipped with a control circuit of the driving device and a bell button, which is very simple and safe to use. The other is the equipment maintenance work that needs to pay attention to when operating the large pendulum. It is necessary to regularly observe and detect the key parts and replace related parts.

Some people think that the big pendulum amusement equipment is actually a pile of iron frames. This is wrong. The structure of the big pendulum amusement equipment is carefully designed by the designer, including how big each angle is, how long each arm is, and the power of the motor. Wait until after the argument. Therefore, important parts, such as motors, equipment arms, safety facilities, etc. As long as this is done well, the other problems are just things that do not matter, so the maintenance of the big pendulum amusement equipment must be focused.

Price of Beston Pendulum Rides

The pendulum amusement equipment can be divided into two types: large pendulum and small pendulum. Generally, small playgrounds can be customized with small mini pendulums and the price is between 50,000 to 80,000 yuan, while large playgrounds are equipped with Large pendulums are generally more expensive, usually upwards of 100,000 yuan. And different manufacturers, quality and price are also different.

Quality is the life of amusement equipment. High-quality equipment from Beston can generally recover costs within half a year of operation. Poor quality amusement equipment will malfunction if it is not used for a long time. Not only will it not be able to recover the cost, it will have to be repaired. When purchasing equipment, we must pay attention to the quality of the equipment and choose a manufacturer with better after-sales service. When purchasing a large pendulum, it is recommended to conduct field inspections. During the inspection, you should see more and ask more about the overall shape, processing technology, and color matching of the equipment; ask for specific conditions, such as materials, ingredients, thickness, etc., and the tensile strength of the material should be strong.

Details of Large Pendulum Rides

The “big pendulum” amusement machine is a kind of amusement equipment that swings around the horizontal axis while being part of a person, and at the same time rotates around the center of a turntable. In the circle, you can enjoy the distant scenery while experiencing the centrifugal force, which is very popular with tourists.

Pendulum Rides Manufacturer In Australia-Beston Amusement

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. It is a member unit of China Amusement Machinery Association. It is an amusement rides enterprise integrating professional research and development, project operation consulting, production, sales, installation, renovation, maintenance and after-sales service.

The Beston company has complete production facilities and advanced and reliable inspection equipment. The main products are: ferris wheel, big pendulum, pirate ship, carousel, flying chair, scooter, self-controlled airplane, bumper car, small train and other indoor and outdoor amusemenequipment for Australia.

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