Peppa Pig Electric Trackless Train for Sale

Beston new design Peppa Pig electric trackless train for sale with high quality in cheap price. Beston offer many different types of electric trackless train with new appearance. Peppa Pig is a hot in 2019. Kids will love this new design electric trackless train. The normal size of this electric train is one locomotive with 3 coaches. But if you want to add more coaches to the train. You can contact us. Beston will customize one set for you. Interested in our new Peppa Pig train? Contact us now!

Peppa Pig Kiddie Electric Trackless Train
BNPP-20A Peppa Pig Kiddie Electric Trackless Train

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNPP-20A
Voltage: 72V400A
Power: 2.2KW
Speed: 7km/h
Size: 4200×1950×2500
Capacity: 24kids/16 adults

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The quality of Peppa Pig trackless train are processed using high-quality materials, combined with the design of the people, which makes the children’s pastime meaningful. If the children’s recreational facilities are quickly ruined, the children will be extremely disappointing, and the heart that has just stirred up playfulness and exploration is quickly being quenched. At present, there are a lot of recreational equipment, so what are the key points to pay attention to when adding?

Peppa Pig trackless train rides refers to a carrier that is used in business operations and operates in a closed place to carry tourists. With the advancement of science, changes in the country, contemporary amusement machines and amusement equipment, advanced methods such as mechanics, electricity, light, sound, water and power have been fully utilized. It is a collection of knowledge, fun, science, and thrilling. It is widely loved by many young people and children. Buy one new Peppa Pig trackless train for your amusement park and funfair now!

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