Pirate Ship Rides for Sale In Australia

Pirate ship rides for sale in Australia is a brand-new type of sight-seeing amusement equipment for kids and adults. It is an amusement ride that swings back and forth around the horizontal axis. This kind of amusement equipment has different names due to the same shape drawing. The “pirate ship amusement ride” is derived from the antique appearance of the pirate ship. We have large and small pirate ship rides for sale in Australia market. Would you want to buy the ride?

24 Seat Pirate Ship Rides for Australia
24 Seat Pirate Ship Rides

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Mini Pirate Ship Rides for Sale
Mini Pirate Ship Rides

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More About Pirate Ship Rides for Australia

The pirate ship is a classic origin amusement equipment in the amusement equipment industry. The pirate ship ride, carousel ride, and roller coaster ride have become the golden triangle of the amusement park. It is indispensable that the position of the pirate ship amusement equipment in the amusement equipment industry is indispensable.

Movement of Pirate Ship Rides

The movement characteristics of the Beston pirate ship rides is that the pirate ship’s hull swings back and forth around a horizontal axis, and tourists do not roll. The coverage principle is to cover downwards by the number of bearers. A single swing angle greater than or equal to 90 ° or 40 passengers or more is classified as Class A, a single swing angle less than 90 ° is greater than or equal to 45 ° and passengers less than 40 are classified as Class B, and a single swing angle less than 45 ° is classified as Class C. Generally speaking, our pirate ship rides include pirate ship, mini pirate ship, happy swing, small pendulum and so on.

Beston Pirate Ship Rides

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Kids Pirate Ship Rides

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The motion mode of this amusement equipment pirate ship is reciprocating swing, the swing angle is generally between 40-o60o, and the speed is about 400m / min. All transmission methods are friction transmission. There is a friction track on the lower part of the hull of the children’s pirate ship amusement equipment. The friction wheel is tightly pressed on the track. The forward and reverse rotation of the friction wheel realizes the reciprocating swing of the hull. When the operation of the amusement facility is to be stopped, the friction will no longer turn, and the friction between it and the track will act as a brake. There are two types of power for driving the friction wheel: electric power and hydraulic pressure. If adjusted well, both types are ideal.

Children’s pirate ship produced by Beston Amusement Equipment: It is a newly designed electric cabinet design and self-control amusement machine. It is a children’s amusement project that swings back and forth around a vertical line. This child pirate ship equipment is based on the Pirates of the Caribbean theme and the design of a mini pirate ship The pirate ship is new and unique, and the appearance of the pirate ship is beautiful. The pirate ship of Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Factory is very popular among tourists, especially children. Children’s pirate ship ride is suitable for all kinds of park playgrounds, rooms and can also be used in entertainment places such as inside and outside playgrounds. The children’s pirate ship amusement ride can usually take 6 to 8 people. The exquisite appearance design of the children’s pirate ship. The pirate ship has FRP decoration materials and is one of the children’s favorite amusement equipment.

Beston Amusement – Pirate Ship Rides Manufacturer

A normal pirate ship manufacturer should attach an inspection report of the pirate ship, instructions for use of the pirate ship, qualification certificates for the pirate ship rides, inspection and application materials for the pirate ship ride, and a safety notice for the pirate ship. Loading fashion ship. Technical information on installing Corsairs. There may also be a formal installation confirmation acceptance certificate. When the installer completes the installation, testing and on-duty training of the Corsair, the customer confirms in writing the installation’s qualified signature and sends it to the Corsair. Communicate routine maintenance instructions to safety managers.

Generally, the more common pirate ship styles are conventional round-headed pirate ships and dragon-headed pirate ships. The most popular in the past two years is the dragon-headed pirate ship with unique Chinese culture. It is very popular in the Australia market, especially in New Years, temple fairs and other places. Explosive, and very in line with the local traditional culture, the new year adds a unique atmosphere, but also a great weapon to attract tourists. The operation of the pirate ship is moderately stimulating, and children and the elderly can generally accept it. After the pirate ship starts, it slowly swings from a slow swing to a rapid rush. Passengers ride on the pirate ship, and with the reciprocating swing from slow to urgent, it is like coming into the rough sea From time to time, it rushes to the peak of the wave, and sometimes falls to the bottom of the valley.

Different types of pirate ship rides and many other amusement park rides has been exported to Australia. You can check our cases for more information. Are you looking for new rides for your amusement park and funfair? Come to Beston Amusement Group now!

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