Show Rides for Sale In Australia

The most popular show rides for sale for Australia you can buy from Beston Group. Different types of show rides with cheap prices you can choose here, and more of these show amusement rides are frequently used in Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland and etc. Here is a list for new show rides from our factory. Welcome to buy!

 Bumper Car Show Rides for Australia
BNBC-C Bumper Car Show Rides

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Inflatable Bumper Cars Show Rides
BNBC-A Inflatable Bumper Cars Show Rides

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Types of New Show Rides for Sale You Can Buy from Beston Amusement

There are many different kinds of show rides that you can used on the show. They can be large thrill show amusement rides, they can also be small kiddie show rides. Or even other water show rides if you interested!

Kids Carousel Show Rides for Australia
BNBC-6A Kids Carousel Show Rides

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Go Karts Show Rides for Sale
BJ-SKD02 Go Karts Show Rides

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  • Large Thrill Show Rides for Sale In Australia

For large thrill rides that used on the show, we have roller coaster rides, disco dancer rides and swing tower rides. These three rides are the most popular large rides for show. They are large in size and also have large capacity. These three rides are hot-sale for theme parks and amusement park and also the show.

Large Roller Coaster for Sale for Australia
BRC-24A Large Roller Coaster Rides

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 Thrill Swing Tower Rides for Australia Show
BSW-18A Thrill Swing Tower Rides

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Beston Show Disco Rides for Sale
BNDR-24A Beston Show Disco Rides

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  • Small Kiddie Show Rides for Sale In Australia

Kids loves to go to the funfairs, amusement parks and amusement rides show. So when we want to open a show, we should consider the age groups. Most of the passengers that playing in the show is kids. Adults just accompanied them. Here in our factory, we supply kiddie robot, bounce house, bumper cars, bumper boats, tea cup rides and carousel rides which is suitable for kids to play.

Other Rides You Can Used On The Show

There are so many types of amusement rides that produced by amusement park rides manufacturer. Like Ferris wheel rides, trackless train rides, pirate ship rides, Tagada rides and some other portable rides which is popular in Australia. If you need other rides for your show business in Australia, welcome to contact us now!

Australia, Melbourne Show Ride Prices

When we need to buy a new ride, except for its appearance and quality, price will be most important factor we concern. Show rides prices from Beston Amusement are cheap, just because we are large amusement rides manufacturer, we have our factory. We are not re-seller. We had produced many types of new show rides. If you want to buy cheap price show rides from Beston factory. Send us your inquiry!

About Beston Group- Show Rides for Sale Manufacturer

As the leading show amusement rides manufacturer, Beston has delivered many sets of new  rides to Australia. Which rides you want to buy? Contact us now!

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