Swing Rides for Sale In Australia

Different types of new design swing rides for sale in Australiawith 12, 16, 24 and 36 seats in Australia. Hot sale swing chair rides appearance with cheap prices. Suitable for amusement parks, funfairs, shopping malls and other places. Want to buy new swing rides for your park? Contact us for price now and also welcome to our factory!

Watermelon Swing Chair Rides
BNFC-16B Watermelon Swing Rides

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Kids Swing Rides for Australia
BNFC-16A Kids Swing Rides

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The swing chair ride is a very popular amusement equipment. It looks like a big umbrella (or a big umbrella that can shake the head). It is hanging a lot of beautiful, delicate and safe hanging chairs. It rotates in the big umbrella (or shakes the head). When the chair lifts and flutters in the air.

The rotating flying swing chair ride is slightly different from other equipment. Its seat is not made of steel, but it is linked by an iron chain, so there is a feeling of floating up and down. Generally, it is suitable for a child of 5-10 minutes. A small flying chair can be used by a child of three or four years old. A large chair swing rides can be used for a ride of more than 10 years old. Therefore, the choice of a flying chair should be chosen according to the situation of the venue.

24 Seat Swing Chair Rides for Australia
BNFC-24A 24 Seat Swing Chair Rides

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Large Swing Rides for Australia
BNFC-32A Large Swing Rides

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The shape of the rotating swing rides is also varied. The shape of the fruit and the shape of the sunflower are very good. The material is made of FRP. The FRP material is very strong and not easily damaged. It is also brighter than other materials in the paint color. Therefore, as a play equipment with high requirements on the shape, it is suitable to use FRP.

In addition, the swing chair rides can be regarded as a low-investment amusement equipment. Generally, a small flying chair can be won for tens of thousands of yuan. Of course, the flying chairs are also large and even mega, which can meet various needs.

32 Seat Swing Chair Rides for Australia
BNFC-32B 32 Seat Swing Chair Rides

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Kiddie Swing Rides for Australia
BNFC-8A Kiddie Swing Rides

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Features of Beston Swing Rides for Australia

Novel Appearance – More Popular

The appearance is novel, the style is stylish, the lighting is dazzling, attracting more players; there are interactive games, only a more intimate relationship, more versatile paradise, can play with the taste.

A Wide Variety – More Choices

Carousel, self-controlled aircraft, rotary flying chair, pirate ship, amusement train, etc. 100+ amusement equipment, and the company supports customized, one-on-one technical solutions for you

Factory Direct Sales – Lower Prices

Strong enterprise strength, mass production, low cost, factory direct sales, primary source, no intermediate links, cheap sales for you to save money

Strict Quality Control – More Secure

Every aspect of production has special monitoring. Before leaving the factory, strict safety inspection is required, and full inspection is carried out to ensure the quality of each amusement equipment.

Lifelong Service – More Peace of Mind

1 year warranty, lifetime warranty, one phone to solve all problems

Professional Swing Rides Manufacturer – Beston Group

As a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier in China, Beston is aiming at manufacturing and producing kids and adults swing chair rides with 12 to 36 seats. If you want to build a new site with these swing rides, contact with us for more information!

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