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The disco turntable, also known as the tremor of everyone, is a gyro-type high-speed rotating large-scale amusement device. The disco turntable is a large disc that can roll, rotate, and do more than ten kinds of sports. Visitors sit for a week on the sofa on the big disk, accompanied by rhythmic music, and their bodies move with the disk. When a person sits on it, it is not fixed. When the disk moves, it is like the turbulence of the sea, and it is like a flying saucer in space, with endless changes, fast and slow.

Beston Tagada Rides for Australia
Beston Tagada Rides

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Beston 24 Seat Tagada Rides
BRD-TR24A Beston 24 Seat Tagada Rides

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Under the action of strong centrifugal force, the passengers inside the carousel spin and fly at high speed, as if being pushed into a celestial body that transcends time and space. The passengers sucked tightly in the cockpit, their bodies no longer belong to themselves, and gave everything to the trusted universe, and let the whistling wind accompany your joy every time. Unexpected experiences often belong to the brave.

Working Principle of Beston Tagada Rides

The disco turntable is composed of two movement modes: rotation and undulation. The rotary motion of the turntable is connected by the motor to the reducer. The output shaft of the reducer is equipped with a small gear, which meshes with the large gear installed under the turntable to drive the entire turntable to rotate. The speed of the turntable is adjusted by the frequency converter and peripheral components. Circuit to control. The undulating movement of the turntable is that the two main cylinders raise and lower the turntable rhythmically, and repeat it.

Application In Australia

The disco turntable is suitable for customers to have fun in various indoor and outdoor places such as parks, playgrounds, scenic spots, theme parks, children’s palaces, and amusement halls.

Product Advantages

  • The professional technical team independently designs and strictly follows the national standards and industry standards to ensure that the equipment structure is more reasonable and scientific.
  • Purchase domestic well-known brand engines and air compressors to ensure long-lasting operation and reliable performance of the equipment.
  • The company independently designs and develops a variety of shapes, unique and novel, for customers to choose from.
  • The surface of the internal steel structure adopts advanced electrostatic spraying technology, the coating is smooth, delicate, corrosion-resistant, and does not fade or age.
  • The glass fiber reinforced plastic molding adopts baking varnish process, and the surface of the molding is flat and smooth, not easy to wear, no fading, no aging, and durable.
  • Using green environmental protection paint, no peculiar smell, no pollution, no poison, let children have fun and rest assured.
  • Provide high-quality (pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale) services, so you have no worries.
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