Train Rides for Sale In Australia

Looking for train rides for sale for Australia amusement parks and other places? There are two different types of train rides that popular sold in Beston Amusement. They are trackless train rides and track train rides. They are all suitable for kids and adults. Which types of train rides are you looking for? Let’s learn more about these two different train rides from Beston now!

Beston Train Rides for Sale In Australia
BNBT-A Beston Train Rides

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Kids Train Rides Without Track
BNBT-B Kids Train Rides Without Track

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Track Train Rides for Sale for Australia

Track train rides are popular in the amusement parks. When you need to install track trains, railroad tracks must be laid in advance when you want to build a new track train, and the train wheels “bump and bounce” forward on the train tracks, similar to the basic principles of traditional steam locomotives. According to the size and main purpose, it is divided into small tourist trains and children’s entertainment track small trains. Children’s entertainment track trains are more common in children’s playgrounds, city squares and other children’s amusement equipment centers. The volume is relatively small, and the track can only be a few meters or more than a dozen meters in half length. It is suitable for children to play.

Train Rides With Track for Sale
BNBT-C Train Rides With Track

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Track Train Rides for Australia
BNBT-D Track Train Rides

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Small track trains: generally run along concrete roads and asphalt roads, and usually use the combination of tires and kilometers. This kind of railway can generally be said to be small track trains. Compared with track sightseeing train manufacturers, small track trains It has the advantages of short manufacturing cycle and low manufacturing cost. In addition, it is suitable for some scenic spots that are inconvenient to lay railways and have insufficient geographical areas.

Train Rides from Beston
BNBT-E Train Rides from Beston

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Beston Train Rides for Australia
BNBT-F Beston Train Rides for Australia

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Why Need Tracks for Track Trains?

The small tourist sightseeing train can integrate several tourist attractions in tourist attractions, especially in tourist attractions with a large scale of operation. As train tracks must be laid in advance, the rules for laying rails are relatively high. Along the road, it is necessary to design and plan a garden and landscape station, and support various tourist attractions or have equipment. Some tourist attractions and even design plans include tunnel construction, highway bridges and other elements. Therefore, the manufacturing cycle time and development cycle are relatively long, and the capital investment is relatively large.

Trackless Train Rides for Sale In Australia

The basic principle of a trackless train is similar to that of a trolley, especially a large truck. With vacuum tires, you can drive freely on asphalt roads and concrete floors in tourist attractions. Only the external way selects the train shape design, which is composed of the driver car front and the manned carriage.

This kind of small train really brings a lot of convenience, and it can even be used as a means of transportation. It is very characteristic, which is what most people want to see. Sightseeing trains have developed relatively fast in the past few years. Why do you say that, because we can see it in many parks, scenic spots, and schools, and the design is very distinctive. In the future development, the trackless train will be better developed, and at the same time, it will be better improved, such as developing toward unmanned driving, or adding more fun to it, and playing its value. This is the development of it. If you are looking for new trackless train rides for your business in Australia. Welcome to contact Beston Amusement for details!

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